A Participatory Heritage Mapping Toolkit for Researchers and Communities

Know your Bristol on the Move brought together university researchers and community organizations with different backgrounds, interests and experiences of collaboration. We worked together because of our common interests in exploring how we might create maps that tell stories about the ways in which the people and places of Bristol move and change through time. We listened to stories, went for walks, digitized community media archives, took photographs, worked with volunteers to add place-based information to the Vaughan postcard collection, worked with schools and many different communities, from Bristol’s Deaf community to the working women of East Bristol to the energetic Action for Southern Africa activists to Bristol’s thriving Afrikan Caribbean music communities and neighbourhood activists from Bedminster to Greenbank.

With this project we wanted to create new tools to articulate and visualize people’s movements across the city and the changes in their experiences of the built environment. We worked together to develop different ways to write our stories and to present those stories in ways that are meaningful to individuals, groups and communities. The diversity of approaches the we adopted was held together through our use of the Map your Bristol website and mobile app.

We bring some of our reflections together in this toolkit, which includes links to Key Questions, to our Map your Bristol tool, to our end of project booklet, to some of the resources that our Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Dr Nate Eisenstadt developed and, in recognition of the excellent work across the globe, we include links to other project toolkits.