Exploring the history of Kings Weston

Another fantastic turnout for our most recent Know Your Bristol event contributed to a hugely successful day promoting and expanding the history and local archives of Kings Weston and the surrounding area. Watched by the portraits of historical figures and past owners of the house, everyone was able to contribute their memories (and avoid the rain) while soaking up the atmosphere inside the wonderful house.


Inside Kings Weston House

From memories and photographs of the areas around Kings Weston to oral histories made of recollections of school life at Kings Weston after World War II, the contributions made were varied, incredibly interesting and will be of great value to both the Kings Weston Action Group and the people of Bristol researching their own local history through the Know Your Place map. Photographs ranged from a Kings Weston House gardener at the start of the twentieth century to a surprise birthday party held at the house in 2002 with weddings, fancy dress parades, farm workers and much more in between.


Kings Weston House

A display of the history of Kings Weston further enhanced the day, jogging memories, introducing new people to the history of a Bristol landmark and highlighting its importance and the necessity to preserve it for future generations.