Know your South Bristol

Our Know Your South Bristol event provided yet more fascinating stories to add to the Know Your Past website and make a real contribution to Bristol’s historical archives.


Knowle West Media Centre – hosts for Know Your South Bristol

Know Your South Bristol was hosted by Knowle West Media Centre, and they certainly lived up to their name with a whole host of different media displaying footage and photos from the past, jogging memories and aiding visitors in sharing their own stories. Film from the centre telelevision channel in the 1970s showed local news and demonstrations, as well as an interview about what constituted the perfect husband, giving a slightly different outlook on life from what we know today!

A display of photographs was soon being filled with the names of individuals in the photos and in one of the highlights of the day, three of the ladies from the publicity photo (taken in 1952) arrived and we were able to hear their stories and take a ’60 years on’ photo.

As well as media from past decades, Knowle West Media Centre had more current film projects on display, showing the current work of the centre- films that will themselves become a fantastic resource for historians in decades to come.


Sharing memories and catching up with friends.

The stories contributed at this event gave a wonderful insight into the lives of those living in South Bristol, with stories of those who have lived there for many years mixed with those of visitors who had grown up in Bristol and since moved away, returning to share their stories with us at the Know Your Bristol event and, of course, catch up with old friends.

Visitors also had the opportunity to access the Know Your Past map at the event, with the first of the oral recordings uploaded, enabling contributors to see how valuable their personal memories are.