Know your Bristol at M Shed

Our final Know Your Bristol event, held at M Shed, once again brought to our historians and experts some fascinating and remarkable objects and stories. Surrounded by the history of Bristol, including some individual stories of Bristol that are on display in the M Shed galleries, Bristolians were once again willing and enthusiastic to share their memories and tell the stories behind their objects.

From shipping charts from 1912, showing the fateful journey of the Titanic to an 1870s dog collar, the objects and stories we heard were all unique and teach us that little bit more about Bristol’s past.


A dog collar from 1870s Bristol

The event also provided us with an opportunity to bring together many of the photographs collected at previous events, to share with those bringing their own contributions to the event.

Maps were a strong theme, with several brought in, showing how the city has changed over the years to keep up with current needs of its inhabitants and visitors. The chance to have a go at drawing our own maps proved to be a popular activity, particularly with some of the younger visitors.


All the Know Your Bristol events have been wonderfully successful thanks to the enthusiasm and willingness of Bristolians to share stories and photographs. The contributions will be taking their own special place in the Bristol archives and on the Know Your Place map, where the first oral histories are already available. Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to any of the events.