Moving forward

Keeping quiet about good news is not one of my strengths.  So I’m greatly relieved to be able to officially announce that our latest grant application, Know your Bristol On the Move, has been awarded funding by the AHRC, as part of their Digital Transformations call.  This funding is designed to enable researchers and communities to harness the power of digital technologies develop new and creative approaches to the co-production of knowledge around culture and heritage.

moving1Know your Bristol On the Move is an opportunity for us to use all our learning from the first two projects and take it to the next level, developing new and exciting partnerships with different communities.  Whilst we work with them to create new ways to explore the stories of Bristol, we will also be enhancing existing resources and developing a mobile engagement space that will truly allow us to explore Bristol on the move.  More details can be found on our On the Move page and team members will be providing updates on the various strands of this exciting and ambitious new project.  So join us for the next 18 months whilst we explore high-tech (and not-so-high-tech) ways to collaborate on research about our communities and our city.