Revisiting value


Capturing memories in the rain at Orchard Roots

My first post on the Know your Bristol project focused on memory and its value.  So it’s quite fitting that, nearly two years later, I’m returning to the same thoughts about what we consider to be of value.  We had a big team gathering the other day and my colleague Nate spoke about the idea of ephemeral value and instrumental value.  The digitised objects and photos, and the oral histories that we have gathered during Know your Bristol all have ephemeral value – that is they are valued because they are there and people can see them, share them, enjoy them.  But many of them also have instrumental value as they are being used by people, amongst other things to help inform decisions.  My colleague Pete explained how many planning applications that he sees in his role at Bristol City Council have incorporated elements of Know Your Place – not just the maps but the images and memories as well.  So it’s clear that these stories and images have a value, and a life, beyond our project here.