World War One layers added to Know Your Place

Two new layers have been added to Know Your Place that cover all the known sites in Bristol that have a relationship to the First World War.

A lot of this information is the result of the Avonmouth and Shirehampton WWI All Our Stories project that was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities funding.

This information includes images and audio about the Shirehampton Remount Depot that we have been researching. These stories were collected at the community events held in Shirehampton and Avonmouth in 2013.

Images collected at Know Your Bristol stories events;World+War+I+locations+(points)&mapbase=1900s&extent=2535.242570485105&x=352501.23825247673&y=176797.0535941072

The layers include the sites of former munitions factories as well as all the properties that were put to temporary use as military hospitals like Bishop’s Knoll.

The WWI points layer contains links to images of war memorials as well as historic images that include some from the Vaughan Collection that are being researched as part of the Know Your Bristol On the Move project.;World+War+I+locations+(points)&mapbase=1900s&extent=2535.242570485105&x=358573.4378968759&y=172887.0332740665

Over the coming year as the First World War commemorations take place further information will be added to these layers including a whole layer of Great War Stories that is being created as part of the Bristol 2014 Heritage Lottery Funded project.