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We’re getting excited about the first workshop in the Knowle West strand of the project. On Monday, 17 March, we’re meeting at Knowle West Media Centre to go through the paper tape logs of Knowle West TV, a pioneering early community cable TV project. The 1″ IVC tapes are held by the National Film Archives in Berkhamsted. We’ll be digitising them to be preserved at Bristol Record Office and to be made accessible to the community of Knowle West through their University of Local Knowledge and via the Map Your Bristol tool we’re developing on the Know Your Bristol on the Move project.

The first workshop will bring together Peter Lewis, Julian Warren (BRO), Penny Evans (KWMC), Ken Jones (Knowle West historian), Sharon Irish (Visiting Colston Research Fellow from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Nate Eisenstadt (Knowledge Exchange Fellow) and members of the Knowle West Community to go through the paper archives to identify parts of the archive to digitise. We can digitise up to 20 hours of material and we are looking specifically for footage that speaks to the changing landscape in Knowle West.

Once we’ve identified the footage, we’ll send our shot list to the National Film Archive for digitisation. Our second workshop will then invite a larger grouping from the community to participate in identifying places and people so that we can begin to augment Know Your Place with this information. Of course, significant issues here are copyright and ethics and we’re working with the various rights holders and the BRO to ensure both protection of rights and access to the material by and for the community.

From the information we have from Peter Lewis and KWMC, tapes include programme content about Novers Community Centre, the Fighting Cocks pub, Christmas in 1973, Merrywood Girls Duke of Edinburgh Award, Knowle West Art Festival in 1974, interviews with Pat and Carrie Dallimore, a ‘This is your Life’ with the late Janet Atfield (former BBC education producer and manager of Novers Park community centre), controversies around building a playground, Women’s Lib in Knowle West, and a piece on Bristol heritage. These tapes are part of Knowle West’s heritage and we look forward to working with the community to preserve them and to bring them alive again in new ways.

Here’s an article by Peter Lewis from The Leveller, in 1982. PeterLewis_1982TheLeveller_BristolChannel