During my period of research leave in Vancouver, Canada, I joined the Audio-Visual Heritage Association of British Columbia (AVBC). 

AVBC is a non-profit society established to promote and facilitate preservation, conservation and public access to the audio-visual heritage of British Columbia and Canada. The Society continues to work toward the preservation and conservation of AV materials, and has joined forces with representatives of a number of institutions, galleries, museums, libraries, archives and universities in the Lower Mainland to explore and participate in a range of activities and initiatives that seek to support collection- or institution-specific solutions.

Last October we ran a Home Movies Day event and over 60 people attended, bringing 20 films, including Standard 8, Super 8 and 16mm formats. The day was hosted by the Centre for Digital Media (CDM) and the Audio-Visual Heritage Association of British Columbia (AVBC) with participation by the City of Vancouver Archives, CBC Vancouver Media Archives, and the Royal BC Museum (RBCM).

AVBC has just launched its website and has re-consolidated as a non-profit society. I look forward to seeing projects emerge from this group and perhaps there will be an opportunity to collaborate.