Know Your Bass


In the 1970s and 80s small underground clubs and regular house parties provided a necessary avenue of expression for a bubbling African Caribbean music culture that was still not welcome in many mainstream venues. The sounds and spaces of this era would profoundly influence contemporary popular music and our understanding of Bristol today.

Despite the importance of this music/culture, it does not feature prominently in official histories of Bristol. This project seeks to put it on the map…. literally – we are going to create a digital map of Bristol showing sites and sounds of historic interest to bass enthusiasts.

But we need your help!!

We are looking for a group of under 25s to help with the project. This will involve:

– Recording interviews with producers and clubbers of the 70s and 80s.

– Helping to edit the recorded content and upload it to a digital map.

You will receive free training in audio recording from a professional video production company and collaborate with researchers from the University of Bristol to create the map. The interviews will take place at this event on the 11th of October and at a further event on the 27th of October. Transport costs will be covered and food provided.

Know Your Bass is one strand of the bigger project Know Your Bristol which aims to enable people to explore and co-create history, culture and heritage using digital tools. The project is a collaboration between Bristol University, Bristol Records Office and several community groups.

For more information or email:

Justin Williams: justin.williams [AT] or 0117 331 3305

Nate Eisenstadt: n.eisenstadt [AT] or call 07966 580 790