Open Call: Artist Residencies

Submission deadline: 5pm, Weds, 18 February 2015

Selection date (estimated): Weds, 25 February 2015

Residency to begin: Weds, 11 March 2015, 12.5 days between March & May 2015

Estimated budget: 2 Residencies of £2,500 each (£200/day for 12.5 days)


Know your Bristol on the Move is providing two artists’ residencies to work with the audio-visual archival collections at Bristol Record Office that are the focus of this AHRC Connected Communities project. This call is open to emerging and established artists from any field across the media, performing and visual arts, regardless of race, age, belief or national origin. While artists from Bristol are especially encouraged to participate, there are no geographic boundaries affecting eligibility or selection.

Know your Bristol is a collaborative project between the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and several Bristol community organisations and groups. The project aims to enable people to explore, research and co-create Bristol history, heritage and culture using digital tools.

Selection: Artists-in-residence will be selected by proposals submitted through this open call. The selection team will be comprised of members of the Know your Bristol on the Move project at the University of Bristol, City of Bristol and participating organisations. We will pay special attention to those projects that question relationships between and across archival objects, digitised media and mapping. The primary criteria will be: 1) examples of prior work, 2) experience of working with media archives, 3) technical expertise and 4) statement of approach. Artists with an interest in co-production and participatory practices (broadly defined) are especially welcome as Know your Bristol on the Move collaborates with a number of community groups to whom these archives represent significant cultural heritage.

Residency description: Working with Bristol Record Office, Know your Bristol on the Move has brought a number of important digitised archival collections into the public realm through its events and workshops. Collections include: the Vaughan postcard collection, Greenbank Cemetery oral histories, Black Afrikan Caribbean music heritage, Action for Southern Africa activist archives and the Knowle West TV community television archive (1973-75). The Vaughan Collection is an 8,000-plus archive of early 20th-century postcards of Bristol which have been ‘digitised’ with metadata being augmented by Record Office volunteers. Knowle West TV is a unique archive of some 40 hours of digitised video from the pioneering Bristol Channel community TV experiment. Artists are invited to work with one or more collections of their choosing. We particularly welcome artists interested in investigating, provoking, and questioning the status of the archival object, ideas around participatory mapping and cartographic territorialisation and co-production.

For an artist interested in the Knowle West TV archives, there is also an opportunity to be based at Knowle West Media Centre, to work with Final Year undergraduate students in Film & TV / Theatre to use the Knowle West TV archives as source material. This would be supported by additional teaching funding for 5 hours at Associate Teacher rate ( For an artist interested in the Vaughan postcard collection, there may be an opportunity to work with Bristol Record Office to develop an onsite exhibition of work. Whichever collection(s) artists wish to work with, they need to consider how to make facets of their practice visible to the public and how their work will be manifested during and after the residency.

Estimated budget: £2,500 per residency + additional materials, as agreed by Know your Bristol on the Move

Project management structure: You will work closely with Robert Bickers (Principal Investigator), Julian Warren (Senior Archivist, Bristol Record Office), Angela Piccini (Co-Investigator) and the community organisation(s) relevant to the collections with which you wish to work. Once you have accepted this residency in writing, we will undertake to draw up a contract with you. All expenditures will need to be discussed and agreed by Know your Bristol on the Move.

Copyright and ownership: You will retain Copyright in any work produced, which is your Intellectual Property. However, in agreeing to undertake this work you agree to the subsequent use of any emerging artwork(s), either in situ or online and/or documentation of the work by the Know your Bristol on the Move research project. We are happy to discuss appropriate wording and limits to use as part of the contractual negotiations, following Creative Commons templates if you should wish. We assume a basic level of allowing no commercial use of your artwork by anyone other than you, the artist; clear attribution of your work in any use; no third-party modifications of your work.

Time frame with key dates: 12.5 days of work, to be undertaken at times negotiated with the project.

Deliverables: To be determined during selection process. All hard copies of materials and digital works should be sent to the contacts, listed below.

Application materials:

  • Letter of interest, max. 2 pages
  • CV, including artist’s training, experience, residencies, commissions. If applying as a team, please include individual CVs.
  • Digital images, to a maximum of 10. Videos, to a maximum of 3 and not longer than 5 mins each
  • Three references
  • Additional support materials

Information Contact and Application submission:

Angela Piccini

a.a.piccini [at]

0117 331-5087