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Know your Bristol on the Move is hitting the Floating Cinema on Tour!

Make yourself at Home: Bristol’s Archives Revealed

Wednesday 8 July 2015, Bathurst Basin

11-12noon Screenings of Repeat to Flourish – A Somewhere film by Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope with Alice Powell, 2015 (17 mins)
Following the route of the 2015 Floating Cinema tour between Bristol and London this newly commissioned film takes a journey through archive and amateur film, meticulously sourced from along this much loved canal route. Celebrating both people and places along the way we see many of Somewhere’s filmic obsessions through different ages. Collected scenes paint this largely rural route as a unique slice across the UK – from peace camps, to crop circles and festivals. From the engineers who originally built the canal to the enthusiasts who later restored it – the film celebrates creativity in all forms – including film.

Repeat to Flourish has been developed as a companion to Barging Through London (Again) made by Somewhere in 2011 to launch the very first floating cinema programme. Both films use dual projection to skip between films shot in different eras and had new scores commissioned for them by Tim and Matthew Olden.

With special thanks to Bristol Record Office, Bristol Film & Video Society and Kennet & Avon Canal Trust Archive and over 80 other archives and contributors to the film.

Find out more: www.floatingcinema.info/commissions/repeat-to-flourish www.somewhere.org.uk

Know Your Bristol On The Move  With Angela Piccini (Department of Film & Television, University of Bristol), artist in residence David Hopkinson introduces some of his newly created short films which use the digitised Knowle West TV collections and explore the formal qualities of the material and some of their conceptual themes.

Data/Deactivation, David Hopkinson, (8 mins 51 secs)

Yes No Bingo, David Hopkinson, (2 mins 17 secs)

Numbers Ordered, David Hopkinson, David Hopkinson, (3 mins 09 secs)

KWTV Material Reworking Description, David Hopkinson, (2 mins 45 secs)

Knowle West TV (KWTV) is part of Peter Lewis’s pioneering community television project, Bristol Channel, which ran from 1973-75. Working with Rediffusion Cable, Peter Lewis and producer Jekka McVicar developed the Knowle West TV strand as a community-produced broadcast. Over 20 hours of footage on 1″ IVC tape had been stored by the National Film Archive, Berkhamsted. Penny Evans, co-director of Knowle West Media Centre, and Bristol Channel founder, Peter Lewis, came to University of Bristol to co-develop a project that would make this material accessible to the community. KWTV became one of the 8 strands in the Connected Communities project, Know your Bristol on the Move Angela Piccini (University of Bristol) has been working with Penny Evans and Peter Lewis and the rest of the Know your Bristol on the Move team to digitise the collection and to bring the video back to the community of Knowle West.

As part of this project, we hosted a KWTV week in May 2015 with student edits, public drop-ins to crowdsource metadata, an installation and the screening of Know your Bristol on the Move artist-in-residence, David Hopkinson’s work in progress. David Hopkinson has been working with the digitised Knowle West TV collections and has produced 8 short films that explore the formal qualities of the material and some of their conceptual themes. Utilising humour and musicality, David has been working with Knowle West Media Centre to finalise the films for online distribution and large-scale projection. Find out more: www.knowyourbristol.org


2-5pm – A selection of archive films exploring the history of the docks and waterways of Bristol from Bristol Record Office

Bristol – City of a Thousand Years, F G Warne for Bristol Development Board, 1937 (37 mins)

Views of the Bristol ship SS Peterston, 1950’s, (3 mins)

Bristol Tempo – ‘The Port of Bristol at Work’, F G Warne, 1969, (18 minutes 4 seconds)

Trussing the Cooper, maker unknown, c.1950, (5 minutes 43 seconds)

Avonmouth – The Motorway Port, First City Film Productions, Executive Producer, David Powell, Produced by Bob Hunter, written and directed by Roger Dunton, Editor, John Fanner, Commentator, Richard Bebb 1972, (15 mins, 27 secs)

Bristol – Port of Many Trades, F G Warne, 1960, (33 mins 57 secs)

The Port of Bristol – Comprising the Bristol Avonmouth and Portishead Docks, F G Warne for the PBA, 1950, (43 minutes 45 seconds)

Bristol Coronation River Pageant, 1953, (15 mins)

Thought for Food, F G Warne Produced for the PBA, 1960-61, (19 minutes 40 seconds)

Through Bristol for Britain, 1960 (20 mins)