Know your Greenbank? Get involved!

Know Your Greenbank, the latest strand of Know Your Bristol, aims to uncover the hidden past(s) of Greenbank and offer local residents a window into the history of their neighbourhood. Over the last few months, we have already discovered an overwhelming amount of material about Greenbank’s past. We analysed census records, found old newspaper articles about life in the area and unearthed numerous photos and postcards of the neighbourhood from the collections at the Bristol Record Office. Together with our community partner, The Deep End, who are currently restoring the chapel at Greenbank Cemetery, we have begun to fill the gaps in the history of the local burial ground, which has also brought up gems like this old picture of the chapel:

Greenbank Chapel with its original spire that was removed in 1952. Courtesy of The Deep End.

Moreover, seven local residents have already volunteered to give extensive interviews about their own memories of the old Greenbank and their experiences of the transformation of the area throughout the years. Did you know that there used to be a shop on practically every corner in the neighbourhood in the 1960s? Did you know that vegetables were grown in Greenbank Cemetery at one point? Did you know that fish and fresh produce used to be delivered to the area by horse cart and sold door-to-door? Know Your Greenbank is still collecting stories about life in Greenbank in the past, and many more such fascinating parts of the area’s history are only waiting to be uncovered.

Do you know your Greenbank? Have you lived/been active in the area for more than twenty-five years and want to share your personal memories of life in Greenbank? Or are you a current resident of Greenbank and you would simply like to find out more about the hidden past(s) of your neighbourhood? Then get in touch with us at