Know Your Bristol On The Move: The Book

Booklet coverHere’s a booklet to complement the blogposts and the videos, the exhibitions, memories of street parties, radio broadcasts, film shows and social media exchanges. Capturing all this activity, talk, and creativity, is no easy matter. But we have attempted to give a taste of it in this booklet, cunningly envisioned by our KE Fellow Nate Eisenstadt as a spiral bound homage to books of local street plans. Designed by local company Dirty Design, it contains brief introductions to the various initiatives, and ruminations on our triumphs — and on our mistakes as well — and displays some of the achievements of those we worked with and learned from. Click here or on the image left, to do download.

It really is spiral bound, by the way: it’s gorgeous. But then of course, so in its gritty way, is the city of Bristol.