3 BIG Questions — 3 Short Films

In this new animation series, co-produced with Calling the Shots, we present three short responses to the key questions that have underpinned Know Your Bristol on the Move:

  • What is Co-production?

This has been a persistent one for us and for many of the projects funded through the AHRC Connected Communities program. Co-production can be a slippery concept – here we deal specifically with University-Community co-production as practiced through the course of Know Your Bristol on the Move.

  • Why Map History Together?

Why maps and why collaboratively produced maps? Surely we could have just employed a professional cartographers to do this for us? At the heart of know Your Bristol on the Move has been a desire to enable people to create their own multi-layered map of the City. Watch the film to find out why.

  • Where is Bristol’s History?

Know Your Bristol on the Move has taken a very different approach to ‘doing history’ than that practiced by the vast majority of academic and professional historians. Through real-world events and workshops and via our participatory historical mapping site and mobile app, Map Your Bristol, we invite you to create and map your own histories. Where then is Bristol’s history to be found?


Synthesizing such complex and contested concepts into a total of less than 4 minutes has not been without its difficulties. There is always more one could say, there is always something that is lost. Yet this goes for the 100 page tome as much as for the 2 minute video. The discipline of brevity has proved challenge for us, but also its own reward, promoting reflection on, and (we hope!) expression of, what has really mattered to this project. Can you say it simpler? Comment below or Tweet us @knowyourbristol.